经典即使过了许久依然风华不坠丰胸产品,而传统美食现在也是获得了很多认可,酒酿蛋就是一个例子,粉嫩公主酒酿蛋在原有的基础上加以创新丰胸食物,在保留这款经典美食的独特口感之外,融合高新科技丰胸方法,能够更好满足现代人饮食需求,而且对于小胸妹纸们来说,它还能够带来一定的惊喜,很多妹子们真实反馈丰胸效果,好像自己的小胸有变得丰满一些呢。 Comment Management System Project | Comments and Reply System | Comment Hierarchy Section Project
  Saturday, 27 May 2017
Comment Hierarchy Section Project is a modal of commenting design which we can see in youtube or facebook and disqus comment services. All this commenting designs are two level commenting section like parent comment and child comment that we can see in below image. For this project i'm creating 2 tables i.e ParentCommentTable and ChildCommentTable along with all StoredProcedure which are used in this project that you can find in zip file. for more better information or individual topic if you need you can find below link. Youtube Video : How to Create Database Design for Comment and Reply System